The Heart of Education

We have a long history in the Kloof area and provide a homey environment for the children in which they can be themselves whilst acquiring the foundation blocks for future education and life. It is dedicated to the spontaneity of childhood whilst educating them in basics of Language, Mathematics, and Life Skills.

More About Us

Our School

Kloof Pre-Primary School is a school with a long history in the Kloof area.  People visit us often and tell us:  “This was my school”.  Some of them were learners in the Primary School before 1972 when the Pre-Primary became established in these buildings. The school has extensive and spacious garden areas and classrooms in which children can move and learn. The school provides
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Our Approach

Guide the children into learning experiences for which they are developmentally ready. Do not force children into formal learning before they are ready. Teach the three learning areas: Language, Mathematics, and Life Skills through activities which the children see as games and fun. When the children are in Grade R, guide them gently into a more formal school setting by the wearing of uniform,
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Our History

It was as far back as the early 1920s when Kloof was still a “wild place out in the sticks” that a pioneering resident and community-minded benefactor, Clive Alexander Cheesman, decided the area needed a local school for the families who had settled there – mostly to get away from the heat, humidity and mosquitoes of Durban. In 1926 Kloof Government School was established
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