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Archive for March 2015

Eco School Sharing Day

Today was the Pre-Primary Eco Schools Sharing Day.  We had a cup of tea together, and then shared ideas.  It was good to connect with other Eco Pre-Primary Schools. It also shows that all meetings at Preprimary level are done on very small chairs!

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Purple Group Eco Activity

Today we spoke to the Purple Group Grade R Class about Eco Schools and our Eco Flag. We asked them – what do Eco Warriors do? The children then painted the branches, leaves, etc. on the eco tree and drew pictures of what eco warriors can do to save the planet. This was a general…

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Bingo Evening

The school held a Bingo Evening to raise funds for our Bursary Fund. Great fun was had by all the parents, and the kids relaxed with popcorn and a movie. The evening was a great success.

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