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Grade R Water Festival

Our Grade R children presented a Water Festival to the children, teachers and parents of our school  on Friday 07 August to showcase the water activities we have done this year to date.

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Water Walkway

Our Purple Group Water Explorers showed their commitment to saving our precious water and inviting others to do the same by making a Water Walkway with footprints each containing a water saving tip.

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The Eco Team’s Rooftop Garden Visit

Our Eco Schools’ team with the young eco warriors arranged an outing to view Durban’s  CBD Rooftop Garden run by Ethekwini Urban Management Zones.  We found this garden quite fascinating – all set out on walls and a rooftop.  The garden is a green oasis in the true sense of the word ; one feels…

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Grade R Visit To Krantzkloof

These are pictures of the Grade R visit to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.  They enjoyed the beautiful natural surroundings, whilst doing 4 rotated activities around the themes of fresher water, secret water, precious water, and an interpretive story about water. They had a picnic lunch, sitting on rugs on the grass, or on rocks, or the…

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Mother’s Day 2015

We honoured our Mums by inviting them on 07 May to join us for informal classroom activities, to give them special presents made by their children, and to share a cuppa and some refreshments with them.

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Water Explorer & Water Day

The School has a Water Day on 20th March to help the children understand how precious fresh water is as a resource. The main water to the school was cut off, and each child could only use 2L of water they had brought to school with them. To tie in with this, the Blue Group…

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