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Kloof Pre-Primary School Video


The SPCA came to visit the children with Charlie, the children have collected pet feed for such a

Treasure Hunt 2017

  Once a  year we host a Treasure Hunt at school in the evening where the children come

Heritage Day 2017

Our children got the chance to dress up in their heritage and we raised our South African flag

Fathers Day 2017

Our Fathers spent the morning in the classrooms with their children very busy with some activities.

Occupational Dress Up

The children dressed up in the occupation they would like to be when they grown up. We had

Big Walk For Little Feet 2018

We had our annual Big Walk for Little Feet where the children and parents had a fun filled

Our Open Day

  Everyone is welcome to join us for our Open Day on Thursday 15th March at 9am. KPP

Jellies Vegetable Garden

The Jellies have planted a beautiful veggie garden for spring, made out of up-cycled pallets.  

Grade 000 Farm Visit

Our Grade 000 children had fun while learning through the sensory experiences of smelling, touching and watching farm

Grade R Water Festival

Our Grade R children presented a Water Festival to the children, teachers and parents of our school  on