Our aftercare is a home away from home where our teachers and assistants provide a safe and loving environment for every child in their care. Our focus is on play, while still ensuring that routines are followed and planned activities are also provided. The children have a busy and fun day with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including art, singing and games. The beautiful playground is available with various equipment to stimulate their growing bodies and minds.

Our KPP aftercare is supervised by Sam Bryan, and our other  teacher is Adele Peach  who does the Playgroup children. We also have four assistants available to help the teachers throughout the day.

The Playgroup children, from 24 months to 3 years old, stay in their own dedicated area until late in the afternoon when the numbers of children are more diminished. This ensures that activities and equipment are more suitable to their age group and it also helps them feel more secure in their own  familiar surroundings.

Children in the Playgroup and in Grade 000 may have a sleep after lunch and each have their own mattress and blanket. At lunch time children may bring a second lunchbox to school, which is put in the lunch basket at the front reception when they arrive in the morning. We also have Happy Tummies who provide cooked lunches at each parent’s cost. This can be arranged through Avril Pullen on 0724209192 or 031 7647160.


12:00 – Wee and wash and lunch (Gr 000)
12:30 – Gr 000 sleep or play inside / Gr 00 and Gr R lunch
1:45 – Wake up and toilet
1:50 – Art activity / Play
3:00 – Wee and wash
3:10 – Juice and biscuits
3:30 – Outdoor play
3:45 – Indoor play and finish snack if hungry



Sam Bryan



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