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Limited Spaces Available

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Holiday Club is provided throughout the year, except for three weeks in December and January when the whole school closes and all of the staff go on leave. We cater specifically for KPP children, but can also accommodate siblings up to eight years old. We have a maximum number of children that we cater for, so all children are required to be booked in before the start of the holidays. Booking forms are uploaded onto the D6 Communicator about two weeks before the start of the holidays.


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Adele Peach, our aftercare supervisor runs our Holiday Club, so the children are all familiar with her and secure in her care. Holiday Club has a more relaxed routine, with a laid back and loving environment where children have the opportunity to unwind and just have fun. Indoor and outdoor activities are available and there is always one special activity planned for the morning and one for the afternoon. These activities include art, 3D construction and baking, which all the children participate in enthusiastically.

Closed Over Christmas

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The Holiday Club routine is similar to the aftercare routine, so the children know what to expect. Lunches are provided by the parents, and this should include a mid-morning snack and a separate lunch for midday. Holiday Club hours are strictly from 7:00am until 5:00pm.

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07:00 – Arrival and indoor play
08:00 – Outdoor play and activity
09:30 – Wee and wash
09:40 – Snack
10:15 – Play and activity
12:00 – Wee and wash and lunch
12:30 – Gr 000 sleep or play inside / Gr 00 and Gr R lunch
13:45 – Wake up and toilet
13:50 – Art activity / Play
15:00 – Wee and wash
15:10 – Juice and biscuits
15:30 – Outdoor play
15:45 – Indoor play and finish snack if hungry

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