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24 Months to 3 Years Old


We have two Playgroup classes, the Jelly Tots and Jelly Beans. They have a maximum of 15 children per class with a qualified teacher and assistant in each class. These two groups have their own delightful garden, which is fenced off from the main school garden, to ensure that equipment and activities are geared exclusively to this age group. Our Playgroups have their own toilets and nappy changing facilities and potty training is also provided.


The Jelly Tots and Jelly Beans have three teacher directed sessions per day that take the form of singing, movement, drama, discussion, stories and lots more. Puzzles, games and art are integrated into the programme, and themes are introduced with songs, poems and stories.


The emphasis in the Playgroup is on learning through play, while building up social, emotional and physical skills and getting the little ones accustomed to routines.

Playgroup Daily Programme
  • 7:20-8:00

    Indoor play activities.  Art 

  • 8:00

    Tidy up

  • 8:05-8:25

    First Morning Ring (greeting, weather, news)

  • 8:25-8:30

    Toilet Routine

  • 8:30-9:20

    Free Play (Indoor and outdoor areas)

  • 9:20

    Toilet routine and wash time

  • 9:30-10:00

    Snack time

  • 10:00-10:30

    Second Ring: Music, Developmental play, Drama, Art, Baker Baker

  • 10:30-11:15

    Free Play (Indoor and outdoor areas)

  • 11.15

    Tidy up time

  • 11.20

    Toilet routine and wash time

  • 11.30-11.45

    Story time

  • 11.45-12.00

    Rest time (snack for those staying for aftercare)

  • 12.00

      Home time and aftercare