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Our Open Day

  Everyone is welcome to join us for our Open Day on Thursday 15th March at 9am. KPP...
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Jellies Vegetable Garden

The Jellies have planted a beautiful veggie garden for spring, made out of up-cycled pallets.  
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Grade 000 Farm Visit

Our Grade 000 children had fun while learning through the sensory experiences of smelling, touching and watching farm...
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Grade R Water Festival

Our Grade R children presented a Water Festival to the children, teachers and parents of our school  on...
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Water Walkway

Our Purple Group Water Explorers showed their commitment to saving our precious water and inviting others to do...
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2015 Treasure Hunt!

  Our children had an evening full of mystery, magic, torchlight and fun at our annual treasure hunt.
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Grade R Visit To Krantzkloof

These are pictures of the Grade R visit to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.  They enjoyed the beautiful natural surroundings,...
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Mother’s Day 2015

  We honoured our Mums by inviting them on 07 May to join us for informal classroom activities,...
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Healthy Living Puppet Show with Terence and Doorkie Livingstone.

The children learned about growing healthy food and eating healthily, keeping fit and active and about our amazing...
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Bingo Evening

The school held a Bingo Evening to raise funds for our Bursary Fund. Great fun was had by...
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Spring Day 2013

On Friday 06 September, Kloof Pre-Primary celebrated the Spring. The children came dressed in flowered hats, and some...
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