Speech Therapist

Speech Language Therapy is offered at KPP during school hours, by Speech Language Pathologist, Joanne Ravell. Jo is passionate about what she does and is a mom herself, with 12 years experience working with children who present with communication difficulties. Speech Language Pathologists have completed a Bachelor’s (Honours) degree in Communication Pathology. They specialize in providing assessment and treatment for any difficulties that may be affecting a child’s ability to communicate adequately (listening, speaking, reading, writing). Assessments with children are play- based with Joanne, and as informal as possible, so as to get the best out of the child, without causing anxiety. Speech Language Therapy improves confidence, self- esteem and improves perseverance in tasks, as well as listening skills. The earlier the intervention, the better. Joanne is involved in much “early intervention” with children who are under two years old, as well as the older pre- school child.

Joanne Ravell
Speech Language Pathologist